Tumor analysis software

Download and Requirements


The program requires Windows, .NET Framework 4.0, 1G RAM, 1GHz+ CPU, 256MB free on hard disk. Setup above would check whether the framework is available and download/install it if required. You will need administrative permissions to perform instalation.


Solution is designed for object volume calculation based on tomography data. The software estimates brain tumor volume, volume of the brain and would handle different types of tumors and objects which are visible at CT/MRI scans. The aim of the software is to provide full support to researchers who treat oncology diseases. Feel free to contact us for improvements.

Tumor volume estimation

Importance of the quantitative analysis of a tumor linked with decision of surgical intervention: “to be or not to be?”. Slices set of a brain is prepared using tomograph (MRI, CT). Volume of a tumor and near-brain space are required for decision making. Tumour and near-brain space do not have simple forms, thus calculation is performed by the application. You can find tumor estimated below appeared on CT scans of brain.

Head 3D-model reconstruction

The aidScans is able to render 3D-models of objects. The head model you can see below was reconstructed using set of MRI slices. The model itself, points and outlines, was obtained by the aidReady library.

Video Examples