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Data logistics and warehousing is a lead focus of AnyIntelli. "Algorithms + Data Structures = Programs", - that is a title of Niklaus Wirth book (1976). Book was published many years ago, however concept remains unchanged: correctly defined data structures is the first 50% of a correct program.

"Network Data Structures + Network Algorithms = Cloud Services"

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You care about your business. We are automating it. Our company focuses on aquisitions in a box and setting up teams.


"It gets done, iff it is automated."

IT-project development is like a commodity futures contract. Technology projects are like corn, gas, gold or oil supply futures: research & development requires financing before actual delivery date and requires detailed contracting equally important as programming the contract itself.

AnyIntelli is research & development technology practice with main focus on data logistics. The company has the credo: "It gets done, iff it is automated."

Practice. Led by Maxim Kheyfets, practice concentrates on data logistics tools which allows for: