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Data logistics and warehousing is a lead focus of AnyIntelli. "Algorithms + Data Structures = Programs", - that is a title of Niklaus Wirth book (1976). Book was published many years ago, however concept remains unchanged: correctly defined data structures is the first 50% of a correct program.

"Network Data Structures + Network Algorithms = Cloud Services"

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You care about your business. We are automating it. Our company provides consulting, software development and support services:


"It gets done, iff it is automated."

Decade long of building IS/IT-solutions experience is put in foundation of the company. Projects include data aggregators for car dealers, educational testing systems, databases, financial analytics and cancer analysis tools.

Solutions for the Financial Services industry are AnyIntelli’s primary area of expertise: developed ultra-low latency feeds for equities, options, ECNs and futures markets; design of tick precision and EOD historical and fundamental data aggregation including device optimization application and network levels; and development of web-screens and end-user applications.

A second area of research application is software and mathematical support of tomography images processing. See project for more details.

The consulting covers all stages of development: from a one page idea, through marketing wireframes & charts to a technically correct plan and up to a functional system.

“IT-project development is like a commodity futures contract. Technology projects are like corn, gas, gold or oil supply futures: research & development requires financing before actual delivery date and requires detailed contracting equally important as programming the contract itself. AnyIntelli Inc. consulting involves planning, research & development. Such participation of the professional manager (or managing developer) ensures solid product delivery.” - Maxim Kheyfets.